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Topic subjectit's well-made. i'm not sure it's fun to play
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305323, it's well-made. i'm not sure it's fun to play
Posted by bearfield, Thu Oct-08-20 04:50 PM
even though the weapons are different and have their own movesets i find myself almost always double-dashing and hammering the attack button with the occasional special and cast, irrespective of the enemy type, set of boons, or weapon. there isn't much to the actual gameplay beyond this imo

it also has that weird roguelite inverted difficulty curve where the game gets easier as you unlock more stuff. your ability to complete the game is based less based on your skill at the game and more about how much time you put into it and unlock more abilities that make the game easier to complete, e.g. instant respawns (what's the point of permadeath with this ability?), sustain, stronger weapons, better boons, etc. i had the same problem with rogue legacy. dead cells does this too but the boss cell difficulty levels offsets it a little. my understanding is that hades has a similar adjustable higher difficulty so maybe that's where the real game begins

i do enjoy trying to generate game-breaking boon and weapon combinations. hades does this really well with the how various abilities can be combined via boons, weapon perks, and upgrades. the layering of mechanics and introduction of new enemies as you unlock abilities and weapons is cool as it keeps each run fresh or at least less predictable. the presentation is extremely tight and cohesive across all elements and presents a unified vision of the game. the music, art style, voice acting, and writing all line up to deliver a singular and memorable experience