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Topic subjectSo I may not be a good reference then
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305242, So I may not be a good reference then
Posted by nipsey, Wed Aug-26-20 01:25 PM
I'm a super, SUPER casual golf fan. The last golf game I owned was "Links" for the OG XBOX. So I can't really compare it to any recent games. I just know that I enjoy it.

The game appears to me to be pretty robust with the features. Although there aren't as many official courses as previous golf games, nor are there as many real pros, I still feel like there is decent replay value.

The course designer appears to be detailed. You can pretty much do whatever you want in designing the courses. The detail level goes down to choosing where to place rocks.

The Career Mode seems pretty cool. You have to pass Q-School to make it to the Korn Ferry Tour and if you finish in the top 25 or win three tourneys, you get your PGA Tour Card.

You have fully customizable settings for everything. Weather, course difficulty, length of tournaments.

You also have numerous options for clubs and attire for your golfer. You can unlock free clubs/clothes when you accomplish certain achievements, but you also earn currency you can use to upgrade your clubs.

I haven't played online yet, but you can play single matches vs opponents or you can join an "Online Society". Think of it as a virtual golf club. The creator of the society sets the rules (Entry Fee, Certain Skill Level) and they have events. Like match play or skins tournaments for example.

I have no problem with the mechanics, but like I said, I'm not a great person to talk to about that because I don't really play golf games. But you have full control over your shots. You can change your launch angle, perform fades, draws, chip shots, splash shots, etc..

One thing I think is lacking is the graphics. I feel like for a 7 year old Next Gen system, the graphics would be better. Also, I feel like there is some lag when the game is going to and from replays and changing menus. The performance is a little slow there. But overall, I enjoy the game.

>im a bigggg golf guy - probably one of the best Tiger Woods
>PGA Tour 2002 players in the history of the planet - but they
>completely fell off in the new-gen systems.
>thinkin i may buy it but the 2k golf game from last year was
>pretty repetitive and i hated the swing mechanics.