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305237, PGA2K21
Posted by nipsey, Sun Aug-23-20 02:43 PM
Is anyone playing?

I just copped. This is the first golf game I've owned since Links on the original XBOX. I'm enjoying it so far.
305238, I thought this said NBA for a second.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sun Aug-23-20 06:13 PM
Had me thinking you were getting the band back together.
Turns out you just trying to get your happy gilmore on.
305239, LOL! We had some good runs then, didn't we?
Posted by nipsey, Sun Aug-23-20 07:11 PM
I'm old now. Just in real life when those knees and that stamina can't take hoops anymore, I'm transitioning to golf.
305240, how is it? can it get "boring?"
Posted by HecticHavoc, Mon Aug-24-20 10:00 AM
im a bigggg golf guy - probably one of the best Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 players in the history of the planet - but they completely fell off in the new-gen systems.

thinkin i may buy it but the 2k golf game from last year was pretty repetitive and i hated the swing mechanics.
305242, So I may not be a good reference then
Posted by nipsey, Wed Aug-26-20 01:25 PM
I'm a super, SUPER casual golf fan. The last golf game I owned was "Links" for the OG XBOX. So I can't really compare it to any recent games. I just know that I enjoy it.

The game appears to me to be pretty robust with the features. Although there aren't as many official courses as previous golf games, nor are there as many real pros, I still feel like there is decent replay value.

The course designer appears to be detailed. You can pretty much do whatever you want in designing the courses. The detail level goes down to choosing where to place rocks.

The Career Mode seems pretty cool. You have to pass Q-School to make it to the Korn Ferry Tour and if you finish in the top 25 or win three tourneys, you get your PGA Tour Card.

You have fully customizable settings for everything. Weather, course difficulty, length of tournaments.

You also have numerous options for clubs and attire for your golfer. You can unlock free clubs/clothes when you accomplish certain achievements, but you also earn currency you can use to upgrade your clubs.

I haven't played online yet, but you can play single matches vs opponents or you can join an "Online Society". Think of it as a virtual golf club. The creator of the society sets the rules (Entry Fee, Certain Skill Level) and they have events. Like match play or skins tournaments for example.

I have no problem with the mechanics, but like I said, I'm not a great person to talk to about that because I don't really play golf games. But you have full control over your shots. You can change your launch angle, perform fades, draws, chip shots, splash shots, etc..

One thing I think is lacking is the graphics. I feel like for a 7 year old Next Gen system, the graphics would be better. Also, I feel like there is some lag when the game is going to and from replays and changing menus. The performance is a little slow there. But overall, I enjoy the game.

>im a bigggg golf guy - probably one of the best Tiger Woods
>PGA Tour 2002 players in the history of the planet - but they
>completely fell off in the new-gen systems.
>thinkin i may buy it but the 2k golf game from last year was
>pretty repetitive and i hated the swing mechanics.
305566, Tiger Woods joins PGA2K (SWIPE)
Posted by nipsey, Sun Mar-21-21 04:13 PM

Tiger Woods returns to video games; will appear in PGA Tour 2K series

Tue, March 16, 2021, 10:14 AM·2 min read

Tiger Woods is making his video game return to the golf course.

2K Sports and the golf legend announced Tuesday that Woods had signed a contract with the developer to appear in the PGA Tour 2K series.

“I am looking forward to making my return to the video game landscape, and with 2K and HB Studios, I’ve found the right partners to make it happen,” Woods said in a statement. “I’m honored to take part in this opportunity and look forward to sharing my expertise and insights as we build the future of golf video games together.”

Woods is currently recovering from injuries he sustained in a Feb. 23 car crash in Southern California. Woods suffered a shattered ankle and two leg fractures in the rollover single-car crash. The timetable for his return to the real-life PGA Tour is currently unknown.

Woods will also serve as an executive director for the video game series.

“In golf, there is no bigger icon than Tiger Woods. Like the rest of the world, we were saddened to hear of his recent accident, and we wish him a full and smooth recovery,” said David Ismailer, president at 2K. “We have been eager to announce our partnership with Tiger, whose legendary career has transcended the sport. We are thrilled to have him join our PGA TOUR 2K series as an executive director.”

PGA Tour 2K21 came out in August and was the first PGA Tour video game released since EA Sports’ Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in 2015.

That one-year McIlroy franchise came after EA Sports ended its long and successful partnership with Woods. The 15-time major winner was the headliner for 16 video game releases for EA Sports from 1998-2013 and, like with a lot of other things in golf, helped bring golf video games into the mainstream.

HB Studios created the PGA Tour 2K21 game and 2K Sports announced the acquisition of the company in the same release on Tuesday. 2K Sports also owns the wildly successful NBA 2K franchise.

Can you play as Tiger Woods?

While Woods is set to appear in upcoming PGA Tour 2K releases, it's currently unclear if you'll be able to play as him or any other PGA Tour pros. While you could play as Woods and other pros in the EA Sports Series — a lot of us young adults remember how unfair it was to play as Woods against your friends — PGA 2K 21 doesn't give users the ability to play with cover athlete Justin Thomas or the 11 other PGA Tour players whose likenesses are in the game. Hopefully that changes with upcoming releases.