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Topic subjectMacBook pro soundcard help
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305200, MacBook pro soundcard help
Posted by DickGrayson, Thu Jul-09-20 07:50 PM
I need some help folks... I never thought this would be so hard.. I have DJ equipment, and I'm trying to play my vinyl through my MacBook. The problem is I need a soundcard to simultaneously capture the audio from the line in, and playback to the speakers on that same device. My preference is to also have a soundcard capable of connecting 5.1/7.1 speakers as well. This used to be so easy on Windows, but finding it to be quite the challenge on this MacBook.
305202, Just get an interface
Posted by hardware, Sat Jul-11-20 10:44 AM
Motu m2
Zoom H6
305203, you need a USB audio interface..
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Mon Jul-13-20 11:20 AM

This is the one I use.

305204, I also have one of these
Posted by handle, Mon Jul-13-20 11:55 AM
Works fine.
305207, This should go perfectly with my Behringer Mixer
Posted by DickGrayson, Thu Jul-16-20 01:52 PM