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Topic subjectAnimal Crossing check-in
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305017, Animal Crossing check-in
Posted by hardware, Tue Mar-17-20 10:29 AM
share friend codes, clothes, etc

305022, RE: Animal Crossing check-in
Posted by TAYREL713, Fri Mar-20-20 05:58 AM
Picking up two copies later this morning. Not sure how much I will play but my kid is going to go hard.


Nintendo Switch Friend Code- 7649-5129-1785
3DS Friend Code-2294-4970-5921
305023, why two copies?
Posted by hardware, Fri Mar-20-20 03:34 PM
305031, I bought two, one for me and one for my son's Lite.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Mar-22-20 07:30 PM
305039, ah. smart.
Posted by hardware, Tue Mar-24-20 01:19 PM
305024, on the fence right now
Posted by L_O_Quent, Fri Mar-20-20 05:14 PM
it's on my "break glass" list because the wife and daughter will like it but I kinda want my daughter to do more on her 2DS one first. My wife would probably take over the Switch on this one too.
305030, Add me people
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Mar-22-20 07:29 PM
305034, I put up some wall art
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon Mar-23-20 08:49 PM
305035, With second row
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon Mar-23-20 09:22 PM
305036, ha. that's pretty good
Posted by hardware, Tue Mar-24-20 01:21 AM
where you get that hat table?
305037, I think the hat table was in a balloon.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Mar-24-20 07:00 AM
I think, don’t quite recall. I know I found it though and didn’t make it.
305038, damn you guys making me want this game now..
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Mar-24-20 12:12 PM
305041, Ok how do you even get those?
Posted by Paps_Smear, Wed Mar-25-20 08:58 PM
Or do you create them yourself? They're dope as hell.

This is my first Animal Crossing game
305047, https://acpatterns.com/
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Thu Mar-26-20 01:24 PM

Upload any picture you want, generate the QR code, scan it with the Nintendo Online app, and use the Pro Designer in game to download
305223, yep, same here... this looks promising
Posted by BurbKnight, Sat Aug-01-20 03:29 AM
305222, Wow... nice room
Posted by BurbKnight, Sat Aug-01-20 03:28 AM
305050, Add me I’m playing on my sons switch
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Mar-31-20 11:34 PM
LightsoutE is the name but it’s me code is Sw-3248-1359-9109
305052, I'm getting a switch lite later on..
Posted by Kira, Wed Apr-01-20 01:46 PM
But in the meantime look at this:


I'm hating off gp.
305057, Anyone need cherries? I need oranges and/or apples.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Fri Apr-03-20 03:38 PM
I can trade Cherries, Pears, or Peaches.
305059, i got cherries and coconuts on deck
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Apr-03-20 04:43 PM
but definitely need both of the others. Coconuts should be going tomorrow
305060, I can hook you up with some pears and peaches next time I'm on.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Fri Apr-03-20 05:04 PM
My friend code is above somewhere in this thread, add me.
305061, Just sent from my sons accohnt
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Apr-03-20 07:15 PM
LightsoutE. Coconuts should be grow by tomorrow and I’ll hook you up
305062, I won't need any coconuts, but I can give you what you're missing
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Fri Apr-03-20 09:33 PM
tomorrow (Peaches, Pears)
305063, Good looking out
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Apr-03-20 09:46 PM
305070, Its 2035 EST on 4/5/2020, I'll leave my gates open for a bit
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Apr-05-20 07:35 PM
If you see this in time, I have some peaches and pears.
305073, fuck I was on all day yesterday
Posted by RobOne4, Mon Apr-06-20 05:14 PM
i jsut didnt check in here. When I see you on ill just try and join. But I have bamboo growing. should be ready in a day or two. It grows pretty fast. Also planted some oranges too. Still a couple of days out
305064, Who got rusted parts? i'm buying for 2000
Posted by hardware, Fri Apr-03-20 10:33 PM
they go for 10 in the shop
305065, You trying to make that big ass robot?
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sat Apr-04-20 10:18 AM
Next time Gulliver washes ashore, get the parts and don't give them to him. They will turn to rusted parts the next day IIRC.
305066, i know. i'm trying to save time using cold, hard, cash
Posted by hardware, Sat Apr-04-20 05:37 PM
i'm not waiting for him to show up 5 more times

i already bought the gold i needed
i spent 90k getting the gold armor and iron
i'm gonna wait and see if i can get the rocket myself
but i'm paying a premium for the parts

305081, I'm on right now (4/9/2020 at 2000HRS)
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Thu Apr-09-20 06:56 PM
Reply here and I'll break you off with the Dodo code. I have peaches, cherries, pears, coconuts. Haycinths, Tulips, Cosmos.
305086, I have all fruit if anyone needs any
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Apr-12-20 09:06 PM
I'll trade for roses, lillies, mums. I have the other flowers if needed.
305087, RE: Animal Crossing check-in
Posted by The_Orange_Ninja_Turtle, Tue Apr-14-20 11:17 PM
This game has taken over my life. I got it Saturday afternoon and the expansion on my house will be built tomorrow.

I don’t think I made it this far when I played it last on GameCube.
305089, hahaha that's dope
Posted by L_O_Quent, Tue Apr-21-20 10:21 AM
305221, Just started playing a couple of weeks ago ......
Posted by BurbKnight, Sat Aug-01-20 03:27 AM
Sharing an island with my daughters.

First time playing anything Animal Crossing related
305225, good luck with that
Posted by RobOne4, Mon Aug-03-20 06:32 PM
kids tear up islands. My friend let her nephews visit and they came through like Snoop in the New York New York video. Chopping down trees and trampling flowers. NOPE.
305227, got AC for my wife birthday...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Aug-11-20 11:21 AM
...kids got hold of the game and wrecked her entire shit ...it's their game now smh ...Nintendo really dropped the ball by not letting account have their own island.

305231, maaan
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Aug-14-20 11:48 PM
i took my sons switch to play this. As soon as he started seeing me play he was like i want to play. I said FUCK OUTTA HERE. Leave my island alone. He stays on the PS4 and dont even ask anymore.
305311, started about a week ago. SW-0139-6290-0240
Posted by CherNic, Thu Sep-24-20 10:00 AM
this might be my first high tech post ever