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Topic subjectRE: iDom is young and seems like he's humble
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306356, RE: iDom is young and seems like he's humble
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Aug-09-22 12:21 PM
>>I haven't watched a FGC tournament for a number of reasons,
>>but the top 8 was excellent.
>>iDom with one of the craziest loser bracket runs in recent
>>memory, then the grand finals reset, back and forth until
>>last game, last round. Kawano though? my god, immaculate
>>defense. with Kolin, too. I'm three seasons behind on the
>>but fuck, hard to see how that is advantageous against
>>USA still has not won the main EVO Street Fighter game in 12
>>years, spanning the release and end of both SF4 and SFV.
>>of the free.
>Hopefully he'll be stronger mentally as result of that tough
>The speed he played Laura with during that Losers bracket run,
>considering he uses a pad and not a stick or a cheatbox is
>amazing to me.

I'm interested. I need to take the time to check these out.