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Topic subjectRE: Have you been playing regularly?
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305578, RE: Have you been playing regularly?
Posted by bearfield, Mon Apr-19-21 12:28 AM
yes. about an hour every night. steam says 15.3 hours in the past 2 weeks

>This season is a different beast. It’s hard to shake old

kolin's back heavy kick keeps getting ducked and/or whiff punished but other than that and her shorter vt2 duration she is the same. i have about the same win rate as previous seasons (~55%). folks aren't using v-shift that much in my experience and when i use it it's usually option-selected by my opponent so i don't use it that much. i feel like it's not much of a factor in my wins or losses. i'm losing bc i'm not completely dialed into the game when i'm sober. it's just a focus thing

>Be patient with yourself getting sober too, bro.

this shit sucks but i think i'm over the worst of it. been about 5 years since i stopped for more than a few weeks and even then i think it was just one short 2-3 week stretch. for the past few years i've had this fairly regimented routine of mindfulness, diet, exercise, and weed. it has done done wonders for me mentally and physically. removing weed has caused everything go slightly sideways. i'm trying to think of it as taking a small step back now so i can take a big step forward later. soon i should be in a state where i can simply walk into a store and get it vs jumping through myriad hoops just so i can roll the dice on whatever product happens to be in my area at the time. i do appreciate your kind words