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Topic subjectwent like 1 for 11 in sets last night
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305576, went like 1 for 11 in sets last night
Posted by bearfield, Fri Apr-16-21 03:38 PM
maybe my worst record in one night ever. i'm getting clean for potential job-related tests. apparently i can't play this game when i'm sober. terrible reads, no reactions, not adapting to my opponent's strats, getting out-footsied by any and every character, dropping combos left and right, not confirming on counter hits, etc. just dismal and discouraging stuff. there were a handful of legit smurfs (like the one super plat player that had 900 ranked matches and 39k casual matches; truly psychopathic behavior) but i can usually take at least 2 or 3 sets off some folks in between the smurfs. i uninstalled it out of disappointment