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Topic subjectRE: desk is having the time of his life
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305533, RE: desk is having the time of his life
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Feb-26-21 03:39 PM
>Linking 4 Medium Attacks in 1 Combo! Season 5 RYU Combos:
>108-Hit, 100% Damage Dan Combo: https://youtu.be/n2dXd8cvYi0
>3 Divekicks in 1 Combo! KAGE Season 5 Combo Video:
>V-SHIFT vs SUPERS!! V-Shift Hype Showcase:

Yes. Straight up party time. These vids have me itching to play Season 5 and DBZ. I just started DBZ last week. It’s pretty bonkers and special. I’m having fun trying to get good enough to not get mopped by the computer when they get serious.