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Topic subjectofficial patch notes for the netcode update (link, swipe):
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305006, official patch notes for the netcode update (link, swipe):
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Feb-21-20 12:07 AM

February 18, 2020 patch details

On February 18, 2020, we performed network maintenance adding a new patch to address Street Fighter V network gameplay experiences. The subsequent performance analysis and investigation have been completed. Please see the details below regarding the adjustment.

■Adjustment Summary
Reduced the impact of one-sided rollback affecting the leading user when the connection between the two users' online match is out of sync. By doing so, the input corrections between the leading user and the subsequent user are now expected to be more smooth and accurate.

■Adjustment Details
- Changed rollback frame value variable based on the Ping with the opponent.
- Updates the Ping value to its actual value every second, instead of updating it to the average Ping value over the last 8 seconds.
- The game will now attempt to resync when inputs cannot be synchronized within the maximum rollback frame allowed.

■What to Expect
The gameplay experience of an online match depends heavily on the network environment as well as the hardware specifications between the two users. In cases where the game is played using a Wi-Fi connection or on a PC that does not meet the recommended system requirements, the occurrence of "frequent input resyncing attempts" and "frame rate drops" were observed during our investigation.

If you are experiencing these issues during your online matches, it may be due to your or your opponent's network environment setting. In these situations, we recommend you review your network setup.

Thank you for your continued support.