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Topic subjectit's a light mania
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304951, it's a light mania
Posted by bearfield, Tue Dec-24-19 01:36 AM
it's crazy for street fighter standards but tame compared to some anime fighters. maybe some of this was in CvS2? 3rd strike? it's nice. i like it. i like seeing fighting game devs experimenting and learning from other games in the genre. i wonder how long woshige has been fighting for this to be implemented

>And Rashid telegraphs his airdash with a backdash each time.

this shit is some bullshit in the corner

>Gill is scary, but he really gotta set you up to cash in, so
>he's not oppressive until you get debuffed. Fighting him in
>neutral ain't bad, but once he gets going it's hard to stop
>that train.

and he does not have an invincible reversal aside from CA. and his 3 frame is stubby. just stay on him