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Topic subjectStreet Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, Steam)
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304898, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, Steam)
Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Nov-18-19 03:58 PM

SFV:CE trailer.

Gill trailer.

New to the update.
1. Gill
2. Gill's stage
3. 40th character
4. Balance update
5. 2nd v-skill for the whole cast

As usual, gameplay updates are free. The new characters and stages can be bought à la carte with real money or Fight Money.

But for $30 (or a $25 upgrade for existing users) you can get damn near all of the content produced for this game. All of the characters, all of the DLC music, and 95% of the stages and costumes (colors included; the only exclusions are Capcom Pro Tour DLC, a few brand promotion costumes, and a small number of Fighting Chance loot box alts).

Game releases in full 02/14/20, but pre-orders can unlock everything released to date right now. Gill and his stage will be playable next month.

I know most of y'all jumped off the game a long time ago, but this is a good jumping on or catching up point.