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Topic subjectStreet Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, Steam)
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304898, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, Steam)
Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Nov-18-19 03:58 PM

SFV:CE trailer.

Gill trailer.

New to the update.
1. Gill
2. Gill's stage
3. 40th character
4. Balance update
5. 2nd v-skill for the whole cast

As usual, gameplay updates are free. The new characters and stages can be bought à la carte with real money or Fight Money.

But for $30 (or a $25 upgrade for existing users) you can get damn near all of the content produced for this game. All of the characters, all of the DLC music, and 95% of the stages and costumes (colors included; the only exclusions are Capcom Pro Tour DLC, a few brand promotion costumes, and a small number of Fighting Chance loot box alts).

Game releases in full 02/14/20, but pre-orders can unlock everything released to date right now. Gill and his stage will be playable next month.

I know most of y'all jumped off the game a long time ago, but this is a good jumping on or catching up point.
304900, time to drop sakura and pick up kolin again
Posted by bearfield, Mon Nov-18-19 07:44 PM
maybe sakura will get a usable v-skill with the update
304901, $25 for all character bundles?
Posted by will_5198, Mon Nov-18-19 11:08 PM
worth it for that. I haven't any characters since the S2 pass.
304905, agreed. Great deal for people who lagged. And for the DLC as well
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Nov-20-19 10:33 AM
304903, All around dope Gill trailer.
Posted by normal35762, Wed Nov-20-19 04:36 AM
Dope music

Dope moves*

Dope stage. I want an actual sun chase moon day in my life. Hahaha.

My fav character trailer so far.

* Some of those moves Gill had kinda looked like G's. I wonder if they will have some kinda connection in Gill's story mode.
304904, LMAO
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Nov-20-19 10:32 AM
Niggas put GILL in this game

damn if I can't get the GOAT or GOAT JR in this game...
304906, They're drip-feeding the new V-Skills on Twitter
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Nov-20-19 04:21 PM


Ryu's at first glance looks like another parry, but it's actually a neutral poke like Karin and Ibuki's with a Kolin counter on start up. All three of those v-skills are useful, so giving Ryu the best of both might be what the boy needs.

Ken's is his CvS2 wheel kick. You can combo into and out of it, it goes over fireballs and lows, and it can be charged to be plus on block. If it's an overhead too (and it looks like it might be), it might be OD because it's pretty fast.
304909, Ken needs his overhead game back
Posted by will_5198, Wed Nov-20-19 09:03 PM
you got to let Ken be stupid

it's who he is
304907, Gill doesn't look like he has conventional Crush Counters
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Nov-20-19 04:26 PM
Which is kind of nuts for Street Fighter V. His neutral and conversions are going to be completely different from the entire cast. He'll have to rely entirely on his Retribution set-ups (following up his fire and ice status effects with an attack of the opposite type) to cash in on damage, so he's looking like one of the trickiest characters in the game. If not THE trickiest.
304908, Ugh. Mad I bought a few of the passes, glad I didn't get all of them
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Nov-20-19 08:49 PM
or some of the other board DLC. Sucks paying twice for content, but that's been the name of the game for a while. $25 for the upgrade isn't terrible.
304911, Gill + Gill’s stage + the 40th character = $16
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Nov-20-19 10:45 PM
If you buy just those three things separately.


The bundle is basically those three items AND practically everything else in the game for an extra $9.
304937, the 40th character is... SETH?
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Dec-16-19 11:32 AM
and they put him in a discarded "doll body".

I'm looking at the camera right now
304942, J. Edgar Hoover lives. Wack move but I like the theme music.
Posted by normal35762, Tue Dec-17-19 02:07 AM
304939, I'm so washed
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Dec-16-19 01:15 PM
I barely touched last season and now it's a whole new season. My YouTube feed barely shows any SF content now.

I told myself I was gonna learn Leroy Smith now that he's available but I haven't touched Tekken since the 1st tag.

Sagat did get buffed though *birdman hand rub*

I just been swamped the last few months
304940, It's a whole new entire game, man.
Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Dec-16-19 05:46 PM
Everybody is relearning now.

The balance changes (largely focused on whiff punishing big buttons from previous seasons, tweaking health values, and cranking up the strengths and weaknesses of each character) and v-skill 2s make it a radically different update. Certain v-system combinations are almost like brand new characters.
304955, Well my Tekken dreams are on pause unitl later
Posted by Mafamaticks, Thu Dec-26-19 09:53 AM
Apparently Leroy is legit OP and everybody is bitching about him.

So I'm probably gonna wait and see how he winds up before I hop back in. So it's SF5.

I'm thinking about playing Ken again.
304948, I was excited for quality of life improvements for Ken
Posted by will_5198, Sun Dec-22-19 10:56 PM
then I watched Gill and some of these VS2 clips and fuck me

Abigail has a gotdamn fireball now?

Rashid needed an air-dash?

Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Dec-23-19 06:45 PM
You can hit Abby's tire.

And Rashid telegraphs his airdash with a backdash each time.

Gill is scary, but he really gotta set you up to cash in, so he's not oppressive until you get debuffed. Fighting him in neutral ain't bad, but once he gets going it's hard to stop that train.
304951, it's a light mania
Posted by bearfield, Tue Dec-24-19 01:36 AM
it's crazy for street fighter standards but tame compared to some anime fighters. maybe some of this was in CvS2? 3rd strike? it's nice. i like it. i like seeing fighting game devs experimenting and learning from other games in the genre. i wonder how long woshige has been fighting for this to be implemented

>And Rashid telegraphs his airdash with a backdash each time.

this shit is some bullshit in the corner

>Gill is scary, but he really gotta set you up to cash in, so
>he's not oppressive until you get debuffed. Fighting him in
>neutral ain't bad, but once he gets going it's hard to stop
>that train.

and he does not have an invincible reversal aside from CA. and his 3 frame is stubby. just stay on him
304953, OK, the add for the upgrade between every match has to stop
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Dec-24-19 08:50 PM
Load times are still ridiculous, but add that in the mix? GTFOOHWTBS.

Went on and got the upgrade. I do like Chun Li's VII setup and buffing her strength a bit. I may give this a spin for what feels like the 4th time
305003, netcodegate is over? the new patch feels good
Posted by bearfield, Thu Feb-20-20 03:32 PM
i see a lot of pros and streamers saying the same thing on social
305004, We're all playing the same game again, at least.
Posted by IkeMoses, Thu Feb-20-20 04:17 PM
They've reduced the synchronization window by 67%.

This is mostly pluses all around. It's more consistency in general. But it does have some minuses.

Since rollbacks are less one-sided, the burden of a bad connection will be shared more often. And since the synchronization window is narrowed and the game is constantly updating ping now, that burden can introduce a lot of visual stutter and more dropped inputs.

Before we had massive teleports (instead of small stutters), but very few dropped inputs.

So the game looks more smooth to the eye, but it got slightly less responsive.
305006, official patch notes for the netcode update (link, swipe):
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Feb-21-20 12:07 AM

February 18, 2020 patch details

On February 18, 2020, we performed network maintenance adding a new patch to address Street Fighter V network gameplay experiences. The subsequent performance analysis and investigation have been completed. Please see the details below regarding the adjustment.

■Adjustment Summary
Reduced the impact of one-sided rollback affecting the leading user when the connection between the two users' online match is out of sync. By doing so, the input corrections between the leading user and the subsequent user are now expected to be more smooth and accurate.

■Adjustment Details
- Changed rollback frame value variable based on the Ping with the opponent.
- Updates the Ping value to its actual value every second, instead of updating it to the average Ping value over the last 8 seconds.
- The game will now attempt to resync when inputs cannot be synchronized within the maximum rollback frame allowed.

■What to Expect
The gameplay experience of an online match depends heavily on the network environment as well as the hardware specifications between the two users. In cases where the game is played using a Wi-Fi connection or on a PC that does not meet the recommended system requirements, the occurrence of "frequent input resyncing attempts" and "frame rate drops" were observed during our investigation.

If you are experiencing these issues during your online matches, it may be due to your or your opponent's network environment setting. In these situations, we recommend you review your network setup.

Thank you for your continued support.
305007, Will probably give it a try over the weekend
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Feb-21-20 10:14 AM
I really need to swap the PCB in my fightstick though. Registering a legacy PS3 stick is tedious. My other stick does have a DS4 installed, but that needs a bit of an overhaul which I've been putting off because I'm busy and lazy.
305284, I basically gave up on netplay after this patch
Posted by will_5198, Thu Sep-17-20 03:40 PM
but I read that PC-to-PC is fine, and once you turn off crossplay you're in decent territory.

and that is correct. PC-to-PS4 has never been so bad, not even at launch.
305266, was there a post about the next season of this game?
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Sep-13-20 10:31 AM
THE GOAT (Dan) is coming back, baby!!!

I've been toiling around with Zeku and Rashid.... but now THE GOAT is coming

alongside Rose, Oro (!!), Akira (!!!!) and one more unnamed.
305273, This one was dead so I didn’t bother to update, but it’s dope!
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Sep-16-20 02:49 PM
305279, lowkey shocked that the Kairi costume Extra Battle (until October)
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Sep-17-20 06:17 AM
is only 500FM and it's only one battle against an opponent on very easy with unlimited "re-dos"

I wonder if this is a hint that the last character is coming from Fighting EX Layer.
305531, .
Posted by bearfield, Fri Feb-26-21 12:48 AM
305526, Season 5 is dope. Dan is dope. Ryu is dope! V-SHIFT IS DOPE.
Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Feb-22-21 03:35 PM
305529, Damn Ryu back for real
Posted by Mafamaticks, Tue Feb-23-21 07:53 PM
I still haven't played SF5 like that since lord knows when but I'm feeling this.
305530, Sagat is crazy too, man. The season feels very fresh
Posted by IkeMoses, Tue Feb-23-21 10:07 PM
305532, desk is having the time of his life
Posted by bearfield, Fri Feb-26-21 12:49 AM
Linking 4 Medium Attacks in 1 Combo! Season 5 RYU Combos: https://youtu.be/OZAkVa_KYhI

108-Hit, 100% Damage Dan Combo: https://youtu.be/n2dXd8cvYi0

3 Divekicks in 1 Combo! KAGE Season 5 Combo Video: https://youtu.be/fkONgZtf-uU

V-SHIFT vs SUPERS!! V-Shift Hype Showcase: https://youtu.be/zJgCnKo__kM
305533, RE: desk is having the time of his life
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Feb-26-21 03:39 PM
>Linking 4 Medium Attacks in 1 Combo! Season 5 RYU Combos:
>108-Hit, 100% Damage Dan Combo: https://youtu.be/n2dXd8cvYi0
>3 Divekicks in 1 Combo! KAGE Season 5 Combo Video:
>V-SHIFT vs SUPERS!! V-Shift Hype Showcase:

Yes. Straight up party time. These vids have me itching to play Season 5 and DBZ. I just started DBZ last week. It’s pretty bonkers and special. I’m having fun trying to get good enough to not get mopped by the computer when they get serious.
305534, All this means of course
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Feb-26-21 04:40 PM
is that he'll get nerfed extremely hard eventually, no?
305535, SFV gets a balance patch once a year
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Feb-26-21 06:14 PM
So he won’t get nerfed for at least a year and I doubt he’ll even get hit that hard. He needed some sauce for years.
305536, Too hype. VTI Ryu’s counterhit punches are OP
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Feb-26-21 06:16 PM
I don’t even play this character and dash happy online Ryus are annoying, but I love to see it.
305545, until v-shift is figured out juggle state is the actual game changer
Posted by bearfield, Fri Mar-05-21 12:07 AM
look at this shit! this is anime fighter shit!! in street fighter!!!

305546, nuts. juggle state. universal parry. we 3S now.
Posted by IkeMoses, Fri Mar-05-21 05:20 AM
305647, I think Dan's V-Skill II is what gives him the infinite (LOL)
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Jun-07-21 09:28 AM
but I just can't find another reason to use it. V-Skill 1 is far better. As for his V-Triggers, I can't call it. V-Trigger II seems to be the pick but the wall-bounce properties of V-Trigger I is GOATed.

He definitely is the rush-down characters of my dreams and I really like what they've done with the Gadouken (esp. in V-Trigger II)

there are "Same ol Dan" stuff things like.... "don't do the Super Taunt unless you wanna die" and ... I have to get used to the idea of no Air Dan Kick. That was my go-to in all games where he had it. But in this game air Tatsus are basically nerfed as is.

Still rocking with Zeku but he's been put to No. 2 behind the GOAT, Ryu and Rashid are my "emergency" players.
305576, went like 1 for 11 in sets last night
Posted by bearfield, Fri Apr-16-21 03:38 PM
maybe my worst record in one night ever. i'm getting clean for potential job-related tests. apparently i can't play this game when i'm sober. terrible reads, no reactions, not adapting to my opponent's strats, getting out-footsied by any and every character, dropping combos left and right, not confirming on counter hits, etc. just dismal and discouraging stuff. there were a handful of legit smurfs (like the one super plat player that had 900 ranked matches and 39k casual matches; truly psychopathic behavior) but i can usually take at least 2 or 3 sets off some folks in between the smurfs. i uninstalled it out of disappointment
305577, Have you been playing regularly?
Posted by IkeMoses, Sun Apr-18-21 07:04 PM
This season is a different beast. It’s hard to shake old habits.

Be patient with yourself getting sober too, bro.
305578, RE: Have you been playing regularly?
Posted by bearfield, Mon Apr-19-21 12:28 AM
yes. about an hour every night. steam says 15.3 hours in the past 2 weeks

>This season is a different beast. It’s hard to shake old

kolin's back heavy kick keeps getting ducked and/or whiff punished but other than that and her shorter vt2 duration she is the same. i have about the same win rate as previous seasons (~55%). folks aren't using v-shift that much in my experience and when i use it it's usually option-selected by my opponent so i don't use it that much. i feel like it's not much of a factor in my wins or losses. i'm losing bc i'm not completely dialed into the game when i'm sober. it's just a focus thing

>Be patient with yourself getting sober too, bro.

this shit sucks but i think i'm over the worst of it. been about 5 years since i stopped for more than a few weeks and even then i think it was just one short 2-3 week stretch. for the past few years i've had this fairly regimented routine of mindfulness, diet, exercise, and weed. it has done done wonders for me mentally and physically. removing weed has caused everything go slightly sideways. i'm trying to think of it as taking a small step back now so i can take a big step forward later. soon i should be in a state where i can simply walk into a store and get it vs jumping through myriad hoops just so i can roll the dice on whatever product happens to be in my area at the time. i do appreciate your kind words
305585, i see how it is
Posted by bearfield, Wed Apr-21-21 10:53 PM
no runbacks
305586, my bad homie! i was in a set when i got the invite
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Apr-21-21 11:01 PM
if you tryna get a set in sometime this week hit me up.
305587, you're good
Posted by bearfield, Wed Apr-21-21 11:05 PM
i had just got off work and wasn't warmed up yet. i was shocked that it was you bc every time i get a laura matchup i think, "maybe *this* laura is ike..." and this time it was!
305588, I didn’t even peep your name until I got the invite
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Apr-21-21 11:11 PM
I was playing like a jerk because I was salty from taking Ls in ranked and went to casuals to wind down before hopping off.
305589, seemed like standard laura play to me 😁
Posted by bearfield, Wed Apr-21-21 11:34 PM
idk why i kept backdashing in scrambles when you had the crush counter ready. i'll look for you when i'm on later this week
305592, haven't we all been there?
Posted by will_5198, Thu Apr-22-21 09:04 PM
I have run up some crazy losing streaks where seemingly every decision I made was wrong
305614, took a set off snake eyez
Posted by bearfield, Tue May-04-21 01:02 AM

he won the match handily. went to his twitch channel to follow and say GGs but it was sub only chat and he was watching the replay of the final round where he froze me out with sagat tiger shots, bragging that i didn't even get to use my v-trigger
305632, Good shit! I can steal games off his shotos
Posted by IkeMoses, Sat May-22-21 08:03 PM
But if he’s playing Gief or Honda it’s a nightmare for me.

I’d like to play his Gief after this latest patch tho.
305667, super diamond, finally
Posted by bearfield, Wed Jun-23-21 03:07 PM
not sure i can get ultra but i'm going to try
305746, you can do it! i’m currently Ultra Diamond
Posted by IkeMoses, Tue Aug-10-21 12:41 AM
but i’ll drop back down to Super Diamond the next time
i play. i want to hit Grand Master before SFVI, but don’t really expect to.
305741, Luke? *pours one out for GOAT III hopes*
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Aug-04-21 05:40 PM
Akira and Oro are coming in a couple of weeks.

New character in the final slot.