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Topic subjectfuckin Lady B, man. only controller i have EVER broken
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305552, fuckin Lady B, man. only controller i have EVER broken
Posted by HecticHavoc, Mon Mar-08-21 02:13 PM
she was definitely the biggest wall in the entire game for me and i struggled beating the rest of the game too but the NG+'s were a blast and i decided i REALLY like torturing myself and managed a Charmless run somehow. the game is simply you must memorize the bosses moveset,dance the dance, die a bunch, and have enough discipline to not have a meltdown when you reach stage 3 Genichiro and he annihilates you from stress.

i think i wildly persevered in Sekiro bc of the thrills it provides. may as well be on the worlds scariest fastest tallest roller coaster while fighting the bosses.