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Topic subjectI fought Madame Butterfly over 50 times
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305551, I fought Madame Butterfly over 50 times
Posted by Nodima, Mon Mar-08-21 06:58 AM
I'm just not precise enough for that game. I still tap out the block block block attack block attack attack rhythm on my controller from time to time lol. Ultimately I respect what their vision was but I was only able to beat Bloodborne thanks to overpowering HP and strength and it really sucks that Sekiro is completely disinterested in giving less skilled (or maybe iron hearted - I've never been more stressed playing a game!) players an out.

For a while I figured maybe it was just my old ass TV having some bad latency issues, but I upgraded this past summer to a TV highly recommended for gaming and it didn't help much.

(I know she's technically optional, too, but it was a personal vendetta at some point!)

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