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Topic subjectI don't think the game signals its difficulty well.
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304914, I don't think the game signals its difficulty well.
Posted by Nodima, Sat Nov-23-19 12:04 AM
Something about its layout, its enemy design, some combination of the two, just feels like a game where you clear the area, gain the XP and move on. It never feels right when enemies have returned to an area you cleared thirty minutes ago, especially given their tells feel just obtuse enough that you can enter one encounter and finish it in thirty seconds, only to struggle through it for five minutes shortly after in the same play session.

Plus, once you realize how the force powers can interact with each other, let alone the environment, it feels pretty limiting how quickly the force meter drains. I bet somebody will master this game and have some pro-level, DMC S-rank type videos on Youtube before long showing off how you're supposed to balance attacks, parries, force powers and dodges, but the game fought against my inputs a little too often for me to care enough to invest the time; it had a Witcher 3 problem in that regard.

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