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Topic subjectIt feels like super-difficult Force Unleashed.
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304913, It feels like super-difficult Force Unleashed.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Nov-22-19 07:45 PM
I feel like I'm getting my ass beat because I'm trying to play it like Force Unleashed because I'm not fully versed on the Souls games (Other than DarkSiders 3 being a fake Souls-like). I think the Skill Tree is useless, too. Like, if I can get pick-ups/collectibles during the game that boost my max Force and health, why do I also have to waste skill points on those things? Going back to DarkSiders, I'd prefer if there was just an in-game dude selling me advanced moves that I can test in a wide-enough space on the ship or wait to put them to use in combat.

On some crybaby shit, I was hoping there'd be my favorite black Kyber crystal like Force Unleashed.