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Topic subjectI acutally eBay'd some of it
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304879, I acutally eBay'd some of it
Posted by handle, Tue Nov-05-19 04:54 PM

>>iPhone 5 (unlocked, but old as hell)
>maybe ebay or toss it in the cell bin at Kroger

Got $20.

>>5.25 External case (for DVD burners)
>not really worth flipping

Got $40

>>Moto E4 handset (unlocked - but worth like $10 on eBay)
>chuck it
Got $25.

So not as worthless, but what doesn't sale I'll do this:

1)bring it into work in a box and see if anyone wants it free
2)Bring to charity shops

And if its broke I do take to electronics recycling (for the next reply.)

But it's labor intensive.