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Topic subjectRE: How do you get rid of old stuff?
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304877, RE: How do you get rid of old stuff?
Posted by hardware, Mon Nov-04-19 05:38 PM
>700W PowerSupply (Coolmax brand , it's 2nd tier.)
if it's used nobody will probably want it

>iPhone 5 (unlocked, but old as hell)
maybe ebay or toss it in the cell bin at Kroger

>5.25 External case (for DVD burners)
not really worth flipping

>Apple Thunderbolt to Gigibit Ethernet
Thunderbolt done

>Netgear Wireless Router (b/g/n)

>Moto E4 handset (unlocked - but worth like $10 on eBay)
chuck it

>(I got like 30 more things along these lines)
>Do I just charity it? Leave it in a box on the corner? Sell it
>as a package on Craigslist (like for $10 for all of it?)
throw it up on Ebay.