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304822, HOw??????
Posted by handle, Sat Sep-21-19 01:38 PM
>This has been documented over and over again for years. I'm
>not sure what's so confusing.

Why? Because you can't get an immediate read receipt? Because it works over wi-fi?

Literally the reason people are staying is because they prefer the product - that's not lock in that's CHOICE.

Lock in is not: 1 company makes something better than another --SO then that company MUST make a version (and free/opensource too) for it's competitors or you are "locked in!!"

There are Hundreds of messaging clients for EVERY OS.

This is about choice - not about "LOCK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Please, show me the documentation where it's not about preference - or the "hassle" of getting your social circle to agree on another messaging application.

Note:I am aware that there was a bug in iMessage where if you switched phones to Android and took your SIM card AND didn't turn off iMessage on your old device then you'd miss messages. That bug has been fixed for like 4 years.