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Topic subjectQuesiton: What's wrong with tech writer's brains??
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304802, Quesiton: What's wrong with tech writer's brains??
Posted by handle, Tue Sep-17-19 11:29 AM
This is brought on by a new iPhone review where The Verge lists this as a negative:

"The power of iMessage lock-in means that most iPhone users in the US will probably upgrade to another iPhone regardless of whether the camera is slightly worse or better than the Pixel, but Apple doesn’t have that advantage in huge markets like China and Europe where everyone uses WeChat or WhatsApp and switching platforms is much easier."

Are people that fucking "LOCKED IN" by iMessage??????

I don't get it - iOS has WeChat AND WhatsApp and iMessage works with SMS - so where's the lock in? I absolutely don't understand the "jail" aspect of iMessage.

Someone explain to me where is the lock in that has a death grip that rob's US phone users of their ability to choose?

Next up:USB-C charging ports and headphone jacks.