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Topic subjectMario Maker 2
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304605, Mario Maker 2
Posted by hardware, Thu Jun-27-19 09:50 AM
idk how many people are gonna be getting it but i figure i'd set up a post for your levels or levels you find.
304606, this miiiiiiiight be the first 2d platformer i get for the switch
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jun-27-19 10:08 AM
maybe i get gift cards for my bday and buy it lol
304607, Bandana comes out tomorrow too
Posted by hardware, Thu Jun-27-19 12:22 PM
i'ma be putting together puzzle rooms with a soundtrack
304608, lol not a bad way to spend a night or weekend
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jun-27-19 12:36 PM
im going to wait on the game for maybe a month. still need to spend more time on doom (digging it) wolfenstein (havent played) and BOTW (for some reason i keep avoiding more time on it even though i love the time i spend on it)
304612, C8J - 03V - KGG
Posted by hardware, Sat Jun-29-19 10:25 AM
First course ever.
304616, TM0 - RYG - KVG
Posted by hardware, Mon Jul-01-19 08:12 AM
304655, My first time making a level:
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Wed Aug-07-19 09:50 AM

304674, couldn't do it. lol
Posted by hardware, Sat Aug-10-19 01:24 AM
i think i tried for like 30 min
304719, Thanks for trying. I played and cleared both of yours.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Aug-20-19 09:00 PM
I replayed your first one several times because I wanted the record, couldn't nab it. I'll try some more later.
304773, does it alert you when someone plays/beats your level?
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Thu Sep-12-19 02:34 PM

304774, plays, yes
Posted by hardware, Thu Sep-12-19 04:27 PM
whenever you go to Course World it'll tell you if you have notifications

you can also check in the menu. its the bell next to the pigeon.
304790, Y4H-J5Q-42H
Posted by hardware, Sun Sep-15-19 08:48 PM
i feel like i should just post my maker ID and ya'll can just play all my uploads at your leisure.