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Topic subjectRE: no single player Splinter Cell?!?
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304596, RE: no single player Splinter Cell?!?
Posted by upUPNorth, Mon Jun-17-19 01:11 PM
I've played some at the start, but never finished a campaign and never got heavy in to the games back then. I haven't thought to go back to them in a while even though I have most of them. I just have really fond memories of the multiplayer 2v2 mercs vs spy games, just the way it played and the level map designs still feel pretty unique. It's annoying when you can never really go back to those games and find someone to play them with anymore, but I feel like that OG Xbox series of games could be pretty ripe for a reissue. I don't know if the multiplayer was as big a hit to them as they wanted it to be, but it would totally suck me back in.