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Topic subjectRE: any that jump out at you?
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304585, RE: any that jump out at you?
Posted by hardware, Wed Jun-12-19 12:37 PM
Overcooked 2 if you have some friends to play with
Monster Hunter
My Friend Pedro
Iconoclasts - Fun bosses, super deep story, must play
War Groove if you miss Advance Wars
Celeste - literal GOTY
Dragonball FighterZ (wait for black friday. its been cheaper)
The Messenger - incredible game
Dead Cells
Hollow Knight
Hyrule/Fire Emblem Warriors if you’re into those
the original Necrodancer
Blossom Tales
Golf Story
Sonic Mania
both Shante games
Kirby Star Allies (the free DLC makes it worth it)
Rocket League
Ace Attorney if you’ve never played them

i'm a little biased cause i'm into chill games, but i think these are the best on the list.

Disgea is good if you've never played those
Monster Boy is also good, but i preferred the first remake