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Topic subjectWe're gonna see a lot of Apex/Star Wars stuff
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304528, We're gonna see a lot of Apex/Star Wars stuff
Posted by Nodima, Wed May-22-19 08:29 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if we get that Cyberpunk date, but no new footage.

Ubisoft is going to reveal something to do with Splinter Cell.

My big gambit is that Microsoft talks expanding its services to new platforms, streaming, and subtly downplays PS5 / next-gen stuff by emphasizing a sort of decentralized, publisher rather than platform-centric future. All the businessy news surrounding XBox is how it's one of Microsoft's least valuable properties (and maybe even a loser), which is the opposite of Sony's situation, and that news of Sony and Microsoft agreeing to explore streaming options together to me points towards a moment during the next generation where XBox Game Pass is on Playstation as well as Nintendo and Microsoft slowly stops competing in the hardware world.

Or maybe they'll just show a lot of Halo!

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