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Topic subjectE3 2019 Post
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304525, E3 2019 Post
Posted by mrshow, Mon May-20-19 08:56 PM

1. Halo on Switch
2. Cyberpunk gets 2020 release window.
3. Lack of Sony will make people ask if we even need it (but E3 2020 will be nuts)
304528, We're gonna see a lot of Apex/Star Wars stuff
Posted by Nodima, Wed May-22-19 08:29 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if we get that Cyberpunk date, but no new footage.

Ubisoft is going to reveal something to do with Splinter Cell.

My big gambit is that Microsoft talks expanding its services to new platforms, streaming, and subtly downplays PS5 / next-gen stuff by emphasizing a sort of decentralized, publisher rather than platform-centric future. All the businessy news surrounding XBox is how it's one of Microsoft's least valuable properties (and maybe even a loser), which is the opposite of Sony's situation, and that news of Sony and Microsoft agreeing to explore streaming options together to me points towards a moment during the next generation where XBox Game Pass is on Playstation as well as Nintendo and Microsoft slowly stops competing in the hardware world.

Or maybe they'll just show a lot of Halo!

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304529, I've been thinking of Splinter Cell lately
Posted by upUPNorth, Wed May-22-19 12:58 PM
and how I'd totally love to play the multiplayer from the second and third one's from OG Xbox again, if they made something like that happen. I don't think I've ever actually finished a single player story.
304571, no single player Splinter Cell?!?
Posted by HecticHavoc, Mon Jun-10-19 03:48 PM
Blacklist is a total blast. Chaos Theory too.

i never played online for Blacklist but im a huge S.C. fan and will get the next one.

currently playing Ghost Recon Wildlands i got for $15. great purchase.
304596, RE: no single player Splinter Cell?!?
Posted by upUPNorth, Mon Jun-17-19 01:11 PM
I've played some at the start, but never finished a campaign and never got heavy in to the games back then. I haven't thought to go back to them in a while even though I have most of them. I just have really fond memories of the multiplayer 2v2 mercs vs spy games, just the way it played and the level map designs still feel pretty unique. It's annoying when you can never really go back to those games and find someone to play them with anymore, but I feel like that OG Xbox series of games could be pretty ripe for a reissue. I don't know if the multiplayer was as big a hit to them as they wanted it to be, but it would totally suck me back in.
304530, i need a quality racer on the switch
Posted by mista k5, Wed May-22-19 04:37 PM
maybe more so than a FPS
304536, Rumor: From Software announcing an open world viking game
Posted by mrshow, Thu May-23-19 10:01 PM
George RR Martin is involved too apparently.

Announced at the Microsoft conference.
304547, Really Martin doing games now.... Shit we are never gettting the books.
Posted by josephmurf2384, Sun Jun-02-19 10:29 PM
304561, martin + miyazaki = elden ring
Posted by bearfield, Fri Jun-07-19 06:55 PM

304542, Death Stranding releases this year. TLOU2 early 2020
Posted by mrshow, Wed May-29-19 09:57 AM
304550, that trailer has me completely confused.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Jun-03-19 12:29 PM


"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
304562, A dad moment
Posted by ne_atl, Sun Jun-09-19 05:13 PM
My kids first time being super excited about E3 announcements. We sat through the entire Xbox press conference. I watched as their eyes lit up game after game.

I just sat back and smiled. I raised them right.
304564, DOOM. KEANU.
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jun-10-19 12:48 AM
Lot of other cool stuff and a fun Day 0, but all I want right now is more DOOM. That was my game of the year 2016 and I didn't even really fuck with FPS like that before. November is too far away.

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304568, I'm a little worried about Doom Eternal
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jun-10-19 11:34 AM
because the 2nd half of Doom (2016) was a big fall-off, when it went to Hell and became an arena survival deathmatch against the CPU

but those shots of fighting in Heaven? I'm interested again
304570, "DOOM Eternal is fucking awesome, holy shit." - Jeff Gerstmann
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jun-10-19 12:48 PM

"This is the streets, and I am the trap." � Jay Bilas
Hip Hop Handbook: http://tinyurl.com/ll4kzz
304565, The Deathloop teaser looked dope
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Mon Jun-10-19 02:39 AM
Hype for Cyberpunk, too.

I kinda wish the next Xbox was coming sooner.
304569, March 2020
Posted by will_5198, Mon Jun-10-19 11:35 AM
XV's battle system bored me about 5 hours into it...but fuck it, this is is VII
304577, the battle system looks like XIII + XV + fighting game meter
Posted by bearfield, Tue Jun-11-19 03:23 PM
i'm interested. i loved the combat in XIII
304575, Nintendo DOMINATED
Posted by hardware, Tue Jun-11-19 02:49 PM
these folks even made Mario and Sonic at the Olympics look good.
304576, i only saw a recap video at lunch but that got my attention
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-11-19 03:22 PM
>these folks even made Mario and Sonic at the Olympics look

not sure why lol. i know the zelda sequel will be awesome but thats far away. i will need to look into it more but i think the olympics game will be a purchase for me. ill need to watch the presentation on my own to give more thoughts.

well, the banjo thing didnt hit me at first. like i know some folks do like those games a lot but it didnt hit me why it was such a big deal until i remembered its a rare/xbox property. really hope theres much more to come.
304582, Big E3 eShop sale going on
Posted by hardware, Wed Jun-12-19 11:23 AM

there's more on sale than listed here
304584, any that jump out at you?
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-12-19 11:43 AM
that you recommend others getting if they dont have them?

im a sucker for a big percentage discount and there are many like that. the below are games i dont have that im considering with this sale. probably sticking to digital buy for non first party games moving forward. switching cartridges is lame lol

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze $40.19 (based just on hype but probably skipping)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus $29.99 (been wanting more FPS action, i think this is a common discount on it but might finally make the purchase)
DOOM $29.99 (same as wolfenstein II, might buy both)
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gold Edition $26.39 (lol @ $79.99 MSRP, this game is always on sale but it has rave reviews, at this price i might just go for it)
304585, RE: any that jump out at you?
Posted by hardware, Wed Jun-12-19 12:37 PM
Overcooked 2 if you have some friends to play with
Monster Hunter
My Friend Pedro
Iconoclasts - Fun bosses, super deep story, must play
War Groove if you miss Advance Wars
Celeste - literal GOTY
Dragonball FighterZ (wait for black friday. its been cheaper)
The Messenger - incredible game
Dead Cells
Hollow Knight
Hyrule/Fire Emblem Warriors if you’re into those
the original Necrodancer
Blossom Tales
Golf Story
Sonic Mania
both Shante games
Kirby Star Allies (the free DLC makes it worth it)
Rocket League
Ace Attorney if you’ve never played them

i'm a little biased cause i'm into chill games, but i think these are the best on the list.

Disgea is good if you've never played those
Monster Boy is also good, but i preferred the first remake
304594, i pulled the trigger on doom and wolfenstein
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jun-17-19 09:43 AM
havent played them as the download took forever. doom filled up my sd card so need to finally transfer to the other card before i can download wolfenstein

i considered donkey kong, sonic and kirby but i really dont know that i want to play 2d platformers. kirby intrigued me the most but im going to wait.
304597, i'd go for DK before Kirby
Posted by hardware, Mon Jun-17-19 03:17 PM
Tropical Freeze is on another level. it's a better representation of what a modern 2d platformer is supposed to be than New Super Mario Bros

and like i said, Kirby is worth it if you like Kirby and you get the DLC. The main game is kinda boring compared to Robobot which had a lot of charm and really interesting moments and base mechanics. unless you're playing with somebody idk if you should go out of your way. the DLC is worth it tho.
304599, i think kirby intrigues me because its something im not familiar with
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jun-17-19 05:18 PM
i thought i had great memories of DK on snes but honestly when i was watching reviews of this game it gave me some bad flashbacks full of stress lol i think i liked seeing people play it more than i liked playing it myself.

i dont think ive ever played a kirby game, it looked like it had more unique elements than the other two but it was pretty short clips i saw so they could have not been representative of each game.
304600, yeah if you want a chill game, get Kirby
Posted by hardware, Mon Jun-17-19 05:45 PM
i think Star Allies has enough for a newcomer in terms of interesting copy abilities and it is satisfying to play. Its not the greatest Kirby game but its absolutely not the worst by any stretch

which honesty, there is no bad Kirby game. haha. I don't know if there's a more solid franchise.
304587, This Avengers game looks like its gonna be a disappointment
Posted by hardware, Thu Jun-13-19 11:38 AM
to a lot of people