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Posted by upUPNorth, Fri May-24-19 01:09 PM
I want to, I think I'm probably better at that game than I was as a kid. Somewhere in that final Zerg campaign the challenge seemed to ramp up a bit, though my memory is vague. I know there was a mission where you had to hit a bank of minerals and could also infest command centers to take to the next mission. I could only get one command center to come with me, and the next mission I could never deal with the Terran Siege Tank pushes, I don't think Zerg was my strong suit early game.

I don't think I know about any secret mission (lol secretion should be a Zerg one). SC2's story did go down the Xel Naga path more than I expected, and Hybrids, I guess a 4th race in game is a bigger deal than just the universe having more races in it.

My issue with playing it again is after all this time, I always want to start from the beginning again. I've played the original Terran campaign tons of times, but the rest I get distracted from.

Had to find my bnet ID stuff, hadn't really paid much attention to it lately. Peplum #1600. I'll try and login sometime, would definitely be cool to not just play random ladder opponents all the time.