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Topic subjectDamn, you're def in the scene more than i thought
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304531, Damn, you're def in the scene more than i thought
Posted by SynsCei, Wed May-22-19 09:52 PM
But yes you called it right on all fronts

Right now the meta for each is:

zerg- nydus
terran- BC rush
toss - ?

I'm actually not sure on Protoss. I keep getting dismantled when they rush with me zealots. So that would be it for me.

I'm color blind so when i see the minimap, i can never distinguish when an enemy is creeping up or if it's my own unit.

Protoss is the most difficult to master imo, due to the sheer amount of possibilities to open with. Give my speed lings and i'll see you in 4 minutes lol....