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Posted by upUPNorth, Tue May-21-19 09:10 AM
I'm a huge Scarlett fan, especially since she's from Canada as well. I loved when she was sort of taking a break from competing, but her and Huk would do promo/team stuff together. That classic Bomber game, they even had a NTY article on her. The team house they have over there was so cool last year, hoping Reynor goes back there in the Summer for GSL.

Neeb making semifinals in GSL last year was pretty special, and making a name for himself winning Kespa Cup in Korea a while back. I'm a fan of a bunch of random Koreans, Parting making his comeback is cool.

I don't think I've broken 100 APM myself, it's hard enough for me to pay attention to the minimap, let alone the clock. I main Protoss but kind of want to go back to having fun playing all races, but I'm not used to how the others feel at all. I played a few weeks ago but then got drawn away over the weekend, maybe I'll try again with the Season reset.

If only the church knew it was starcraft you were playing and not anything more devious lol. I actually never finished the very last Zerg campaign in Brood War, and have not started LOTV yet either. I need a better PC actually, my settings are pretty low.