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304526, My man
Posted by SynsCei, Mon May-20-19 10:15 PM
Lol - yup pretty much summed it up.

Serral is ridiculous. NA is well...NA... some good players but Korea (and Serral) pretty much dominate the scene.

I root for Scarlet b/c of the shit she has to put up with. Much respect to someone who can endure THAT/THIS much and STILL have success as much as she has had.

Other cats here and there are cool. Puck is good, but kind of a dick.

But I don't even know where to start on how to keep those APM above 250. I'm still looking at post-its where I have scribbled when to expand to natural, build gas, spawning pool, etc...

Funny you mention dial-up... there was always a second line that after hooking up a caller-id (remember those?), we saw that it belonged to a local church.

We stayed quiet, it allowed my mom to be on the phone while I played SC by the graces of St. Raphael's. Theeennnn, they caught on and cut off. Anyways... glad to see a fellow SC head here.

The story in SC II (and the cutscenes) are crazy good and under appreciated due to RTS games being a niche genre now.