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Topic subjectAnyone play RTS - specifically StarCraft II?
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304523, Anyone play RTS - specifically StarCraft II?
Posted by SynsCei, Fri May-17-19 08:20 PM
I played the OG SC on battle net in high school. Was such a cringey freshman I would say "see you on battle dot net" til someone just corrected "battle net".

Anyways, I was semi decent as Zerg. Recently picked up SC II and it's incredible. I'm only about 9 years late, but this HAS to be the most difficult game to master.

I know this thread is high on fighting games and the intricacies involved (esp SF), and it's apples to oranges, but watching streamers/pros, I'm convinced this is the most difficult game to truly test your balance.

Just watch the first minute... shit, the first 45 seconds.


Still playing Zerg....