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Topic subjectI haven't played Celeste yet, but was going to suggest it
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304492, I haven't played Celeste yet, but was going to suggest it
Posted by upUPNorth, Wed Apr-24-19 03:31 PM
based on what I heard. Definitely agree with some of you new suggestions too, but my mind was definitely drawn to suggesting 'slower' games that wouldn't satisfy the play/mechanic itch of games as much.

>Night in the Woods
-really good,, unique storytelling, and includes some 'real-life' feeling stuff that could help with putting ones problems in a different perspective.
>2048: Random Access Memories
>The Sims
>Civilization 4
-in terms of Xbox one, you can look for the back compatible version of Civilization Revolution. Simpler, cartoonier version of the strategy game, bit faster paced but fun, have played in recently with people online and it holds up.
>Animal Crossing
>Donut County
>My time in Portia
>Pheonix Wright
>The Witness
>Rhythm Heaven
>Battle Chef Brigade
>Stardew Valley
-was gonna mention this one
>Golf Story
>Gone Home
>Hollow Knight
>Shovel Knight

was thinking of mentioning Journey on PS3/4?, but never got to play that. Abzu might be cool if you think they might care about the environment, exploring underwater is well done, its beautiful and feels kind of therapeutic.