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Topic subjectSword Saint is just. whew
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305152, Sword Saint is just. whew
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Jun-10-20 04:44 PM

>This is where it's starting to click. My homeboy was like you
>and Sekiro level up together.
>During my first playthough, I remember going "I don't see how
>people New Game + this shit."
>My first NG + I bodied Genichiro on the first stage.
>I was on NG+ 3 when I activated the demon bell lol

I tried doing the Purification ending, but for whatever reason, I had no idea I was supposed to eavesdrop on Emma and the sculptor. so I basically cleared out Fountainhead Palace and now im in the end game. decided to just check and see how Isshin is and i am getting pummeled heavily. I dont want to rely on any prosthetics in his last few stages but seems the way to go is the Umbrella.

this fight may take me a year. but i will beat this motherfucker.