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Topic subjectit sure isnt but this game is a complete masterpiece
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305145, it sure isnt but this game is a complete masterpiece
Posted by HecticHavoc, Tue Jun-02-20 09:56 AM
>but it get's better once you get the hang of it.
>Once you get the hang of it, the bosses will take you down a
>notch. But once you get past the bosses, it's *really*
>rewarding. I can't put into words how I felt when I defeated
>Genichiro for the first time.
>Then once you get past the bosses you'll be unstoppable on new
>game plus. you'll feel like a god then

i have been WAITING to get to Genichiro to reply to you. Lady Butterfly i would say was my worst nightmare so far, before the very first General. I am finally getting solid at parrying, the Ashina Elite samurai boss was a great trainer for parrying. I kept trying to just dodge him.

the first shinobi hunter gave me fits bc I wasn't good at the mikiri counter but I laid waste to him soon enough. Lady B just requires minimal mistakes, what separated me beating her was hiding behind the pillars when she shot the butterflies in round 2.

Genichiro i'm going to commit to parrying and not dodging and I am starting to get his moves down.

before I got to Genichiro I went back to ashina outskirts and just kinda made my way back up all the way to the snake from the beginning and barely got touched, which was nice, bc I really struggled early. i've been reading about Genichiro and first play thru's, once you beat him first run the game opens up and its like you are going "down the mountain" - even tho im sure there are still extremely demanding boss fights. LOVE THIS GAME.