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Topic subjectI just can't with it at the point I'm at
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304454, I just can't with it at the point I'm at
Posted by Nodima, Fri Apr-12-19 02:03 PM
I guess I could find the next actual boss somewhere and maybe have a chance since the first actual boss was pretty simple (and, actually, I know who the next boss is and know he is NOT simple), but all the side bosses I'm at other than Lady Butterfly are just wiping the floor with me, and she keeps taking me out with spirits right at the end of the fight to the point I'm just tired of that fight as well.

It's a real bummer because I love the movement in the game, I love the concept of the combat and I love the regular combat with regular enemies too. I also didn't struggle at all with parrys in Bloodborne; Gascoigne, hunters, Bloodstarved Beast, all that was just a handful of tries for me where the bigger stuff like Amelia, Cleric Beast, Paarl, Rom all took me forever.

I've kind of come to resent that this game doesn't give you any way out. The only way to improve your character is to beat bosses, and if you just can't execute and take them down it's a super deflating feeling to have to face the fact you just might not be able to progress in the game. And it's also different than something like Super Meat Boy or Celeste that I don't finish but felt like I got what I wanted out of the game - I want a lot more from this game but I'm starting to feel like I can't have it.

I've been stuck on the Ashina Elite, Seven Spears, Headless and Butterfly since, like, day five. It fucking sucks.

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