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Topic subjectRE: It honestly feels pretty good
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Posted by bearfield, Wed Apr-10-19 03:29 PM
>I don't feel like I'm being held back by the controller much
>when doing anything, I imagine the stuff that gets annoying
>micromanaging is as annoying on PC once you have to many
>planets and sectors are sectors by the sounds of it, or
>getting notifications for too many things at once.

there is just a lot of navigating to do in that UI and some very important layers/panels aren't easily accessible even with a mouse. i'm sure they figured it out but playing on a controller seems not optimal

>We're on an old patch still, 1.7? So we're playing a
>different version of the game, Utopia is supposed to bring us
>further along but I don't know if it's meant for us to match.

utopia is a very significant update that will expand your ability to approach the end game. there is a lot of cool stuff in there. i don't think there will ever be pc/console parity

>Learning the game and how everything works can feel daunting
>but I've made pretty good sense of it now, survived a crisis
>on my third run. The game definitely has me sucked in right
>now, I should probably start splitting time with other games
>soon but every night after work I just want to see what
>happens next, and how far my robot/droid/android plan for my
>current race plays out, since I haven't used them before.

the robot plan did not work out for me when i tried it. i went way overboard with it though, to the point where my people just hung out on a few small planets and robots colonized every large planet they could. i'm not exactly sure what went wrong but i needed to either give the robots more rights or strip them of all rights and i made the wrong choice