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Topic subjectme too and all of this is accurate
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304410, me too and all of this is accurate
Posted by bearfield, Thu Mar-21-19 05:10 PM
>The image quality will typically be much softer than what you
>get on console, even if the max resolution is higher.
>You ever hook a retro console up to an HDTV with component
>cables? It looks like that. Also, the lag is noticeable.

i was assured the resolution was 1080p but i would have believed 720p and even then that might have been straining credulity. the lag was present but not enough to hamper my ability to play ac: odyssey. i wouldn't play a soulsborne/twitch shooter/fighting game on it though

>That said, it's cool to try out single player games this way.
>I don't trust Google or anybody else to break the laws of
>physics and make this work better than PCs or consoles for
>multiplayer tho.

it's going to be a great way to demo games for sure. probably worth the price of admission. you can "demo" games on steam with its generous refund policy but there is the download process and the refund process and it's all too time-intensive to be effective

this is also a fantastic option for people who want to play games but can't afford a new console or PC