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Topic subjectI was a part of their Project Stream beta
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304399, I was a part of their Project Stream beta
Posted by IkeMoses, Tue Mar-19-19 02:55 PM
I got to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey on my 2013 Macbook on my 60 down, 5 up WIFI connection.

It's not my first time messing with streaming. I had OnLive when that was a thing. My experience with Google's joint was not leaps and bounds better than that.

The image quality will typically be much softer than what you get on console, even if the max resolution is higher.

You ever hook a retro console up to an HDTV with component cables? It looks like that. Also, the lag is noticeable.

That said, it's cool to try out single player games this way. I don't trust Google or anybody else to break the laws of physics and make this work better than PCs or consoles for multiplayer tho.