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Topic subjectNew map! New character! Season 3!
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304840, New map! New character! Season 3!
Posted by Nodima, Wed Oct-02-19 11:10 AM
Man, this new map is wild, totally different from King's Landing. Big sprawling city locations, lots of environmental distractions, huge tweaks to guns and hero perks.

Season 2 was already a huge step up from Season 1, so I'm really looking forward to getting used to this new map. In my brief time with it yesterday it felt like a brand new game almost, and the new hero Crypto almost immediately feels like a must-play with his scout drone, at least until people get familiar/comfortable with the layout of the new map's locations and where people tend to move through.

It's crazy how tense it can feel when you're in one of those large towns and start noticing doors have been opened but otherwise see no signs of an enemy; it's like a trip through Slum Lakes or Skull Town on steroids because the spaces are both fairly dense and yet pretty sparse and barren overall giving a lot of the areas a weird sense of sprawl that just keeps you uncomfortable.

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