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Topic subjectIt's worth it for me but the grind is real
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304404, It's worth it for me but the grind is real
Posted by Nodima, Tue Mar-19-19 11:17 PM
I stopped playing once the pack drip went every two levels and all I needed to get back in heavy was leveling up offering new stuff even if I didn't care much about the new stuff, I'm simple like that. But if you're expecting a lot of cool new stuff, a lot of it is basically jungle camo themed, and it takes about an hour and a half of solid gameplay to hit a new level. A Reddit user broke it down pretty thoroughly:


In summary it's going to take quite a bit of playing to get everything the BP has to offer, though it has XP boosts distributed throughout the pass so the start is actually slower than the end, and you have three months to get it in, but you're looking at a LOT of hours to get to the end. I'm not sure if they mention the bonuses and factor that into their math or not, I read the post a few hours ago, but you can earn 225,000 bonus XP per week if you have all 9 legends unlocked and an additional 31,500 bonus XP per week if you were to get a kill with all 9 characters per day (I don't have Mirage or Octane, and honestly kind of wish I'd bought Octane over the BP after seeing a couple teammates have a ton of fun with him)

If you don't play this game a lot I'd say it'd be smarter to just hold off on the BP until it's closer to the end of the season and see how many rewards you've earned (the game will still track this for you even if you don't buy it) then decide if it's worth it to you at that point. Again, I'm fine with most of the cosmetics being not my cup of tea, I just want the dopamine hit of a new thing to push me along and a way to support Respawn that isn't just gambling on packs, but in the grand scheme of things this first season/battle pass is neither a game changer nor IMO worth the money on its own merits.

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