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Topic subjectThere is pretty effective timid strategy out there
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304394, There is pretty effective timid strategy out there
Posted by Nodima, Sat Mar-16-19 06:08 PM
If you drop far from the conflicts the rest of the squads and follow gunfire without ever getting too close and purposefully staying behind the ring, you can turtle up and build a respectable kit out of other players' spare parts. If the game goes long enough that you're getting into Round 5 or 6 and have a Pathfinder on the team, drop a zipline to a high up spot and watch for the other team(s) to come out, or if you have a Caustic turtle up in a small building with traps. If you can spot the other two teams great, but all you really need to hear is the amount of gunfire that signals a firefight between two teams, get in position to scout the fight and swoop in right when the gunfire stops. Usually the other guys are reviving, boosting shields/health or otherwise totally weakened and unable to survive a direct attack from a fully healthy squad, even if your gear is weaker.

It's kind of a lame strategy but it's undoubtedly effective. I've won two games this way where my team did maybe 50 damage total and didn't even have three total kills.

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