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Topic subjectI made it to the Final 2 as a 1-man Squad
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304390, I made it to the Final 2 as a 1-man Squad
Posted by nipsey, Thu Mar-14-19 11:16 PM
Basically I entered the game with no Squadmates. I don't know if they dropped off or there was a matching error, but I was the only person in the character selection screen and I dropped from the ship by myself.

Realizing there was no way I was going to win playing by myself, I just decided to make my way to the next ring and hide out. I did this for all the rounds until it was me and the last team.

I scouted the area in the last wing and couldn't make their positions. I was hiding in some brush near the middle. Soon after two guys got the drop on me and took me out to win the match.

The entire game, I didn't kill anyone and didn't fire my weapon until the last round. I'm surprised to see I was able to get that far. I really didn't see many other players the entire match, until the end.