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Topic subjectYep, game's getting to the point everyone else is too good
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304364, Yep, game's getting to the point everyone else is too good
Posted by Nodima, Tue Mar-05-19 02:44 PM
This is where the matchmaking/battle pass is gonna come into play. I bought a headset for this game and am using a mic for the first time since SOCOM II and the chiller days of NCAA/Madden online, but between still wanting to play other things, falling off a bit once the loot packs switched to every two levels and the ever rising rate of people with millions of damage points and hundreds of kills, the game's definitely lost me a bit.

I still have fun when I play, but my only hope of getting Top 3 anymore is the ultra conservative, 19 minute creep across the map slowly kitting up via random luck and stumbling across coffins. I will have a guy dead to rights and then fully embarrass myself and cause sub-100 damage before I'm shot to hell.

I had one game a few days ago where I was the right level of wine drunk and the right level of locked in and had 9 kills, 4 revives and a respawn with Lifeline wielding a hopped up Devotion and a Peacekeeper and thought that was the turning point for me (one kill for me is a good day, two is a masterpiece), but I haven't got a kill since lol.

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