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304275, from what I've heard**
Posted by Nodima, Wed Feb-13-19 05:45 PM
I've never played Overwatch, so there's that, but when I've heard the Giant Bomb or Game Informer guys comparing the two games, one thing that comes up is that Overwatch characters have a hard counter for each other whereas Apex's heroes are more about mastering their particular skills and learning when to apply them in scenarios rather than how to counter one character's skills with another's.

For a different comparison, Titanfall 2 would "punish" you at the Titan phase of the game if you had the Titan that fired rocket volleys and everyone you ran into was piloting the Titan with the shield that absorbed incoming fire and launched it back at the enemy.

Pathfinder is a mostly passive character on paper but he's not at any disadvantage head-to-head with any other character other than the basic way all characters are technically at a disadvantage to Bloodhound one on one assuming both players are equally kitted with equal skill.

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