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304848, modern classic.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-06-19 09:12 PM
I get the detractors, but fuck it -- this is one of my favorite RPGs I've played, ever. the battle-system is turn-based nirvana, with all the right modern tweaks. the job system is equally godlike (lots of different set-ups to break the game) while all characters maintain a bit of uniqueness through their one specific skill. art-style is 10/10 and the music is derivatively classic ("Determination" is ridiculous).

I've put 90 hours into this one, and haven't logged that much time in any RPG since FFXII. I also can't wait to play it again, and try new routes. the freedom you have to pick up characters at any level, or get job classes at any level -- provided you can game the challenge somehow -- is awesome.

it's not perfect (and neither are most of the older games we love), but this is about as fun as it gets for a 16-bit JRPG fan.