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Topic subjectOctopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch)
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303712, Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch)
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Thu Jul-26-18 11:52 AM
I just copped but I'm in the middle of packing so I'm probably not gonna get far into it until well into August.

Just think Mid-90s turn based classic Square JRPG with SNES level sprites and simulated 3-D environments. Fans of Star Ocean for the PSX will like it.

Giant Bomb Quick Look looks real good: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-octopath-traveler/2300-13449/

Polygon Review: https://www.polygon.com/2018/7/12/17563366/octopath-traveler-review-nintendo-switch-jrpg

Waypoint Review: https://www.dualshockers.com/octopath-traveler-review-nintendo-switch/

303713, I played the demo and prologue, didn't like it
Posted by topaz, Thu Jul-26-18 07:07 PM
Seems like a joyless game, at least story wise. I admit I'm a bit biased though, I played FF 4 Heroes of Light (NDS) and didn't really enjoy that, and Octopath is made by the same producer as that game and Bravely Default.
303714, looks really good
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jul-27-18 07:29 AM
almost want to buy a Switch just for it
303851, So far so good but the story is very thin.
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Thu Sep-06-18 10:57 AM
The individual stories are okay but so far, I see no reason why these eight characters are together. The combat has gotten pretty complex now that I'm outfitting my characters with dual jobs. I'm still chipping away at it with certain combinations and finding out what skills work with what enemy situation.

Of course I haven't picked it up in like a week and a half because Enter the Breach dropped for Switch but still.
304629, 13 hours in and I love this shit
Posted by will_5198, Sat Aug-03-19 10:42 PM
had to wait for it to hit PC, but this is a perfect game for a jaded nostalgic pining for the 16-bit days.

combat is really fun and I'm just starting; I actually look forward to encounters and boss fights. also, in a rare twist the NPC interaction is tip-top and gives good reason to revisit towns.

I *like* the super linear dungeons. I *like* the fact the the characters don't have high stakes (I'm only on chapter one) and are cobbled together. after playing FF XV for 10 uninteresting hours, and generally hating the open-world infatuation of the last two decades, this is catnip for me.
304848, modern classic.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-06-19 09:12 PM
I get the detractors, but fuck it -- this is one of my favorite RPGs I've played, ever. the battle-system is turn-based nirvana, with all the right modern tweaks. the job system is equally godlike (lots of different set-ups to break the game) while all characters maintain a bit of uniqueness through their one specific skill. art-style is 10/10 and the music is derivatively classic ("Determination" is ridiculous).

I've put 90 hours into this one, and haven't logged that much time in any RPG since FFXII. I also can't wait to play it again, and try new routes. the freedom you have to pick up characters at any level, or get job classes at any level -- provided you can game the challenge somehow -- is awesome.

it's not perfect (and neither are most of the older games we love), but this is about as fun as it gets for a 16-bit JRPG fan.
304849, RE: modern classic.
Posted by Options, Wed Oct-09-19 07:45 PM
you just might have convinced me to pick this up.
305048, Steam sale for $30 until April 2.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Mar-29-20 01:05 PM