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Topic subjectI got a lot of wins against FGC personalities
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304713, I got a lot of wins against FGC personalities
Posted by IkeMoses, Mon Aug-19-19 12:21 PM
like UltraDavid, LowTierGod, Nuggy Bunny, and Gootecks, but none of them are really high ranking SFV players.

I think I beat Alex Myers once...or BrenttIsCool. One of them WNF dudes. I was hype at the time, but forgot who it was.

I feel like my set with Nephew was competitive, even though he won 2-0. I've had decent sets like that with AutoMattock too, no wins tho. I gave Arturo a scare once, but he didn't give me my runback.

To this day, the person with the most perfects against me is Danny Pham. Danny Pham is my nemesis, and he don't even know it. If I ever beat him I'm going to do the loneliest popoff.