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Topic subjectdaisuke says new gg is a "complete reconstruction"
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304672, daisuke says new gg is a "complete reconstruction"
Posted by bearfield, Fri Aug-09-19 02:50 PM
>I'm gonna try to expand even more and give Tekken another shot
>and I definitely want to get in on the new Guilty Gear from

definitely a good time to get in


The core concept this time is unlike those of past titles — it is neither “evolution” nor “returning to the roots”; nor is it an addition or subtraction of elements to the existing title. What we’re pursuing is a brand new experience for Guilty Gear.

To achieve that goal, we’ve disassembled the current franchise into fragments and sifted out the piece that make it unique and charismatic, using those pieces to have a complete reconstruction of the franchise.

What we’re undertaking is a full-frontal confrontation with the essence of the Fighting Game genre, a tremendous challenge for Guilty Gear. It is a high-risk move on our part. However, we have an accumulation of the the plentiful resources and experience, a clear vision of our ideals, and the excitement towards a future of a new possibility. Although we do not know what this path awaits us ahead, we as the development team look forward to the future of this never-ending pursuit. In the process of this journey, we hope that we will be able to share the excitement and joy we’ve encountered with all of you.


i imagine they're going to lose some of the legacy stuff like character weight which i think only affects juggle combos that end up being character-specific, and that's just another x combo routes you have to memorize. ideally they will keep blitz, dead angle (alpha counter), faultless defense, roman cancels, bursts, and how meter doesn't carry over between rounds. just keep the mechanics that GG is known for and lose the things that don't affect gameplay in a meaningful way or are an impediment to learning the game