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Topic subjectRE: This is something I've always known in theory
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304660, RE: This is something I've always known in theory
Posted by bearfield, Wed Aug-07-19 02:22 PM
>In the past year I've been branching out. I've grinded up to
>Black Belt level in 3rd Strike on the SF30th Collection. I've
>played a lot of SFII online too (Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo,
>and Ultra), to less success. And now Sam Sho has me hooked.
>I'm gonna try to expand even more and give Tekken another shot
>and I definitely want to get in on the new Guilty Gear from

i keep hearing good things about tekken's neutral game but the button assignments flipping on side switches is weird and unnatural to me. if i'm going 3d for neutral i'll probably play soul calibur 6, especially since they finally announced a character i want to play in cassandra

i, too, am all over the next guilty gear. learning and playing GG Xrd Rev 2 in 2017 truly made me a better fighting game player. i think GG Xrd Rev2 has the best combo of mechanics and character design. it's a joy to play once you get the hang of it and it presents a wealth of options for both players in any given scenario, which makes for a layered yomi experience. also the new GG is going to be the first sequel using their revolutionary game engine so literally everything about it should improve. that's extremely promising

granblue fantasy versus is on my radar as well. it seems to be the arc systems take on street fighter and also has amazing character design due to the granblue franchise designs being baked in

it's a great time for fighting games :D