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Topic subjectLaura's changes are so tasteful.
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303213, Laura's changes are so tasteful.
Posted by IkeMoses, Thu Jan-11-18 06:08 PM
She got serious nerfs.

St.MK is only a whiff punish button now. A very good one, but it's not going to be the 5 frame terror it was in Season 2.

The system-wide VT combo scaling takes the teeth out of the dreaded Laura Special. That along with her Trigger I being 3 bars now should dead the "robbery character" thing.

Not to mention, most of her frame traps are gone and she got hit with the command throw nerf (an extra 8 frames of recovery on whiff) without receiving any damage or positioning buffs (like Mika).

But she got serious buffs too. St.MP is one of the anti-air buttons to get that system-wide blessing. Canceling claps into Trigger is dope, and clap dash cancels in VT I are going to be nutso (even though they drain 50% of the meter). VT I EX claps are damn near Aegis Reflectors now because they last all day.

VT II looks fun, but hard to use right now.

All in all, they addressed all the things that makes it suck to play against Laura without making her a bad character AND giving her some extra toys to play with.